The history of jewelry

The history of jewelry goes way back in time. Jewelry is almost as old as humanity itself, but it is believed that the Egyptians were the first people to start using jewelry in the way we wear our jewelry today, by incorporating gold among other things. The Egyptians also used glass and gemstones to decorateContinue reading “The history of jewelry”


All solid gold and silver jewelry contains a hallmark. This hallmark is a stamp affixed by the goldsmith and by a Guarantee Office. From this hallmark, you can tell what the gold or silver content of the jewelry is. A particular label is used for all contents. So you have hallmarks of 9 carats, asContinue reading “Hallmarks”

What are gemstones?

What exactly are gemstones? Are they stones, is it something natural, how did they form? Herewith a brief lesson on gemstones. Gemstones are beautiful minerals found in nature. They can be millions of years old. They arise from single or compound substances and are formed by geological influences. Minerals are substances found in the earthContinue reading “What are gemstones?”

Carat gold

With solid gold jewelry, you will always see the number of carats of gold listed with the jewelry. But what do these numbers really mean? Pure gold, like pure silver, is too soft to wear as jewelry. Therefore, other material is added to the gold to make the material harder and to work it betterContinue reading “Carat gold”

Vintage jewelry

When is a piece of jewelry vintage? And when do you call a piece of jewelry antique? The name vintage is widely used, sometimes even for new jewelry that has a “vintage look.” There are several theories about it, but you can’t really call jewelry vintage until it’s more than 25 years old. For aContinue reading “Vintage jewelry”

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