What are gemstones?

What exactly are gemstones? Are they stones, is it something natural, how did they form? Herewith a brief lesson on gemstones.

Gemstones are beautiful minerals found in nature. They can be millions of years old. They arise from single or compound substances and are formed by geological influences. Minerals are substances found in the earth that can form crystals as they grow. Gemstones are minerals grown together that are usually composed of 2 or 3 minerals and contain a certain crystal structure. The color is determined by the minerals present.
Gemstones have been used by humans for centuries, for various purposes. Today mainly for incorporation into jewelry or for decoration in the home.

Many people believe that gemstones also have healing properties. This belief goes way back in history; it has existed since ancient times. Besides having a healing and healing effect, gemstones have also acquired symbolic meanings for various reasons. Sometimes precious stones symbolize power, status and wealth. But they are also used as amulets and talismans in various countries. There are several studies on gemstones and an awful lot of information about them. For example, about hardness, what minerals a particular gemstone consists of, value, cutting techniques, as well as excavations.

Personally, I find gemstones especially interesting and special in jewelry processing. They add that extra touch to a gold ring or dazzling vintage pendant. My favorites are rose quartz, diamond, opal, citrine and smoky quartz.

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