Vintage jewelry

When is a piece of jewelry vintage? And when do you call a piece of jewelry antique?

The name vintage is widely used, sometimes even for new jewelry that has a “vintage look.” There are several theories about it, but you can’t really call jewelry vintage until it’s more than 25 years old.
For a piece of jewelry to be called antique, it must be more than 100 years old. So antique and vintage jewelry really does last a long time, which is also what makes them so special! Antique and vintage jewelry have already had a long life, but are often of good quality so you can enjoy them yourself for a long time.
At MEAU Vintage Jewellery you will find mostly vintage jewelry, however, there will also be second-hand jewelry among them, if the jewelry is just under 25 years old. We ensure that all vintage jewelry is thoroughly checked by our goldsmith, updated or adjusted as needed. The vintage jewelry is polished and cleaned so that you may receive the piece as new again. Did you know that just about all vintage rings can be customized? You can also have your vintage ring personalized, by having a special date or name engraved on it.
Have you found your own unique vintage jewelry yet?

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